“The degree to which the opportunity to use power effectively is granted to or withheld from individuals is one operative difference between those companies which stagnate and those which innovate.” The Change Masters, Rosabeth Moss Canter.

That’s leads to the age old “balancing authority and responsibility” process. Most of us are familiar with the aspect of delegating responsibility. But how does one delegate authority?
Delegating responsibility can entail something as simple as the senior telling the junior that a specific task is his/her responsibility.
“Your neck is on the line” message.

But can one also say “Ok from now on, no hierarchy.”
“Do what you want to.” message=Anarchy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could delegate responsibility and authority to everyone in the organisation?
That would be the ideal situation. I believe that’s possible with a
lot of trust (management trusting employees) and
a lot of ownership (employees regarding organisation as own).

The outcome? INNOVATION.
And not only innovation in so far as new product ideas are concerned, but innovation in every area and every process.
Real outcome? TRUE INNOVATION.


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