Clayton Christensen – Innovation Day 3
Ten Types of Innovation – Category 2


Innovation type 3: Enabling Process

Description of Type: How you support the company’s core processes and workers
How do you innovate in this type: Innovation typically attracts talent to the organization and helps people do their work faster, more easily, more efficiently and more profitably.
Business example: Starbucks can deliver its profitable store/coffee experience to customers because it offers better-than-market compensation and employment benefits to its store workers – usually part-time, educated, professional and responsive people.

Innovation type 4: Core Processes

Description of Type: How you create and add value to your offerings
How do you innovate in this type: Innovation typically involves a dramatic change in “business as usual” that delivers blistering speed-to-market, enables the enterprise to quickly allocate or reallocate resources around big new opportunities, enables rapid prototyping and testing and/or realizes market-leading margins due to new cost-saving processes.
Business Example: Wal-Mart continues to grow profitably through core process innovations such as real-time inventory management systems, aggressive volume/pricing/delivery contracts with merchandise providers and systems that give storage managers the ability to identify changing buyer behaviors and respond quickly with new pricing and merchandising configurations.

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