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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as seeing someone put a good idea to work. I was flipping through Time Out NY this morning and stumbled upon an article on Mobile Mobile, a new service started by a pair of lovers who were sick of stunted conversations that resulted from their cell phones running out of juice. Between sleepovers at each other’s apartments and working late nights, they never had time to recharge. In New York, a city where one’s apartment functions more like a rest stop than a home, they figured there were countless other suffering the same cell phone paralysis.

The obvious conclusion: create a “cell-phone-charging-cart” in Union Square, a hub for New York’s busiest social butterflies. Will scenesters be willing to pay 50 cents a minute to breathe life back into a useless hunk of metal? If they want to meet up with their friends at that exclusive loft party in Tribeca, they just might. Either way, cheers to Krista Winters and Matt Chick for taking the risk.

Have you recently been impressed by other examples of common sense entrepreneurialism?


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