For the complete, original article by Mary E. Corcoran on the Kansas City website, go here. An edited excerpt follows:

Identify and tackle the barriers to your creativity

When one feels as creative as a blank sheet of paper and every project appears overwhelming or boring, it isn’t simple boredom, but an absence of creative thought. You’re not productive, and, instead of relishing your downtime, you feel guilty and mildly irritated.

The article talks about three barriers to creativity

–learning barriers,
–perceptual barriers and
–cultural barriers.

Learning barriers involve prior learning and habit. Learning barriers keep your thinking to correct responses, routines and behaviors.
Perceptual barriers, create the reverse of flexible, innovative thinking. Flexibility allows you to come up with new and different ideas.
Cultural barriers are related to social influence, expectations and pressures for conformity. Cultural barriers keep our habits locked into prescribed roles for fear of looking odd.

A factor related to creativity is insatiable curiosity. If you are stuck on a problem, find more information and follow the often ambiguous tie-ins of that information. The willingness to balance ambiguity and a somewhat fuzzy solution are the keys to creativity.
Another key factor in creativity is the ability to make mistakes and learn new ideas from them.


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