Innovation is all about knowing what the customers want.

Innovation is all about identifying with community needs.
Companies are deemed to be innovative if they follow the needs of their customers.
A business is unlikely to be sustainable unless it has an excellent understanding of why the community needs it in the first place. Innovations that are not about improving how a business serves its customers are pointless. Innovation comes from understanding your customer base and putting positive pressure on your organisation to think about where customer needs are moving. If you are not aligned with customers and their needs, then you start heading into left field, which has no value because you end up with products no one wants.

–Conduct surveys of customers on a regular basis.
–Pay attention to letters from customers.
–Make sure people in the company think about what the company’s role is in understanding the community’s needs and understand that role. Once the purpose is understood, then everything starts to line up.

1. Know your customers: Innovation is pointless if you do not know what people want.
2. Anticipate their needs: Align innovation programs with client desires.
3. Know your own purpose: Don’t let innovation go “left field”.
4. Streamline existing processes: Innovate what you do now to make it better.


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