I found this list on the MiddleEast Business Resource: AME Info here.

1. Turn dissatisfaction with an existing product or service into a new idea for a product.
2. Ask your customers or potential customers what they do and don’t want.
3. Be restless, outward looking and unreasonable.
4. Do not let the cynics stop you, especially those who ‘know’ why your idea will not work.
5. Capitalise on your inexperience by thinking without constraints and out of the box.
6. Be passionate and have faith in your product/service, even if you have no demonstrable track record or experience.
7. Let threats to your business drive your innovation. Convert fear of a competitive product or service into an idea for a new, superior product or service of your own.
8. Look beyond customers and suppliers and use the knowledge available in universities and research institutions to help you innovate.
9. Utilise business networks to exchange ideas with other businesses and find potential partners.
10. Learn to expect failure as part of the course since people typically fail their way to success.


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