Naina Redhu, Mumbai, India (GMT +5.5)


I am currently setting up Asian operations of InnovationNetwork. Under my company ASIDE, I also provide support services in Asia for Innovation Consulting oriented organizations who have their offices overseas. I worked for a year as an Associate Consultant with TechNet and learned my first valuable business lessons with my boss Mr. R. Balagopal. Thanks to Joyce Wycoff of InnovationNetwork, I am now realising my dream of being a successful Innovation Consultant!

–The Army Public School, New Delhi [1991-1995];
–Symbiosis College of Commerce – Bachelor and Master of Commerce [1995-2001];
Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development(SCMHRD) – MBA in IT&Systems(major) and Marketing(minor) [2001-2003].

–Greeting Cards business – Owner [1995-2003];
Technology Network (India) Pvt. Ltd. – Associate Consultant [2003-2004];
–ASIDE – Owner/Consultant [2004-current];
InnovationNetwork – Innovation Consultant [2004-current];
Innovation Yellow Pages – Director [2004-current].

I am a member of the Global Innovation Study Team, where a group of experts have gathered to determine the “Fundamentals of Innovation”. I am also an avid Social and Business Networker and you will find me on LinkedIn, Ecademy, Rediff Connexions and Orkut. I am also currently one of the Judges for the ThunderBird Innovation Challenge for the first two rounds of the competition.


I have been brought up as a child of the Indian Defence Forces since my father is an officer in the Indian Army. Frequent travels within India have put me in touch with diverse cultures and people and it further makes me want to travel the globe for more diverse cultural experiences. I love photography and dabble in the arts by sketching, painting and the occasional short poem. I am interested in the field of graphic design and apart from frequenting all the Innovation related blogs that I link to, I also visit various design-related blogs and websites. I invest time in the ASIDE innovation blog as it allows me to learn, more than anything else. I have met a large number of very talented professionals via the internet and often repeat “Thank God for the Internet!”


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