Clayton Christensen – Innovation Day 4
Ten Types of Innovation – Category 3


Innovation type 5: Product Performance

Description of Type: How you design your core offerings
How do you innovate in this type: Innovation involves the dimensions of design, forms and packaging, features, efficacy, performance and functionality. It involves both entirely new products as well as line extensions.
Business example: The VW Beetle (in both its original and its newest form) took the market by storm, combining multiple dimensions of product performance.

Innovation type 6: Product System

Description of Type: How you link and/or provide a platform for multiple products
How do you innovate in this type: The ways in which several individual products leverage or connect with one another to create a larger system.
Business Example: Microsoft Office bundles a variety of specific products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) into a system designed to deliver productivity in the workplace.

Innovation type 7: Service

Description of Type: How you provide value to customers and consumers beyond and around your products
How do you innovate in this type: This is the domain of products use enhancements, service plans, customer service, information and education and warranties/repairs. Service innovation is typically focused on helping customers receive the full value of the products they purchase and use.
Business Example: An international flight on any airlines will get you to your intended destination. A flight on Singapore Airlines, however, nearly makes you forget that you are flying at all, with the most attentive, respectful and pampering pre-flight, in-flight and post-services you can imagine.

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