This Innovation Mindset Model is from the Innovation.Net Blog by Mike Docherty. I discovered the blog recently on BlogShares.

“At the beginning of any strategic innovation initiative, everyone’s excited and optimistic, we’ve got a great idea and we’re going to rule the world (Dreaming). Then $%^& happens as it always does and we face failure (Doubting). It’s never as easy as we thought it would be. Failure is a natural and useful element of innovation… it’s how we learn and adapt our solutions. Or determine it’s time to try another challenge. As we develop innovative concepts into real-world practical solutions, we’re learning more, the problem isn’t as simple and we begin to truly understand the complexity of the challenge. It’s this 3rd stage (Quitting or Perservering) that truly separates innovators from dreamers… those that perservere and don’t quit often experience a transformational experience of having worked through the challenges and acquire a new confidence built upon deep knowledge and experience. “


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