The Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process

The steps guide the creative process. They tell you what to do at each immediate step in order to eventually produce one or more creative, workable solutions. A unique feature is that each step first involves a Divergent thinking phase in which one generates lots of ideas (facts, problem definitions, ideas, evaluation criteria, implementation strategies), and then a Convergent thinking phase in which only the most promising ideas are selected for further exploration. Click on the figure for a larger view.


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  1. Naina,
    Have you tried using the Mind Mapping software that might possibly help you in digitizing the output of the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process.

    It also has the features of setting up deadlines and scheduling specific actions for execution and follow-up, which later can be exported to a Presentation, MS Project or a Word file…

    Specific reason for using Mind Manager is because it’s easy to use and hence doesn’t need a PM or a technically inclined person to key in the actions

    Creative Problem Solving is a link in the chain for acheiving the objective of the organisation and thought that it might just help.


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