— Far too many people believe that creativity is just being different. True creativity must deliver real value.
— Technology itself will not provide new ideas. It is better used to achieve or deliver a designed value.
— All valuable creative ideas are logical in hindsight (with an unfortunate Catch 22 – that it is therefore not seen as being creative).
— There is no substitute for business competence, efficiency and cost control. But business also has to deliver real value.
— There are two main uses for creativity. First to do what you are doing in a better way. Second to do better things.
— If you are inhibited it is difficult to be creative. But making you uninhibited does not itself make you creative.
— It is not enough to have innovation as an intention. You need to do something about it.
— There is a need to allocate time to creative thinking. And a need for formal creative training.
— New ideas should receive formal recognition, even if they are never used. Having your ideas recognised is extremely motivating.
— Allocate space, responsibility and clear expectations for creative thinking, in the same way you would for other business processes).
— If clear objectives are not set, new ideas are a risk.
— Establish channels for ideas to flow through the organisation. That way, once ideas are created, they can be judged on their merits, rather than being lost in they system.
— Humour is by far the most significant behaviour of the brain, revealing the fact that our brain patterns are not symmetric (the route from A to B is not necessarily the same as the route from B to A).
— Set out a creative hit list which lays out the areas which new thinking needs to target.
— Every organisation should have a “concept department”.


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  1. i will take each one of those highlights every day, to think about it. Thanks for sharing,

  2. It’s enlightening to read the point of view about creativity. What’s more important is what actions to take to make ourselves more creative. I think abhishek has quite some good to-do list.

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