1. Nature of Interpersonal Relationships
    — is there trust or mistrust?
    — are relationships reciprocal and based on collaboration, or are they competitive?
    — does the organization socialize newcomers and support them to perform, or does it allow them to achieve and assimilate simply by independent effort?
    — do the individuals feel valued by the company?

2. Nature of Hierarchy
    — are decisions made centrally or through consensus and participation?
    — is there a spirit of teamwork or is work more or less individualistic?
    — are there any special privileges accorded to certain individuals, such as management staff?

3. Nature of Work
    — is work challenging or boring?
    — are jobs too tightly defined and produce routines or do they provide flexibility?
    — are sufficient resources provided to undertake the tasks for which individuals are given responsibility?

4. Focus of Support and Rewards
    — what aspects of performance are appraised and rewarded?
    — what projects and actions/behaviors get supported?
    — is getting the work done (quantity) or getting the work right (quality) rewarded?
    — on what basis are people hired?

Source: “Culture and Climate For Innovation” by Mr. Pervaiz K. Ahmed