by Fusion – “Fuse two or more ideas or ‘parts’, not usually put together.

by Fission – Take an idea and split it into its components to see if they can stand alone, or if they are a value ‘bottle neck’ in your space.

by Transposition – Transposing is just a fancy term for lifting something out of its traditional context and putting it somewhere else and/or exchanging it.

by Abstraction – This one’s a little harder. It’s about changing the level that the concept works on. Let’s think about it… say you are a company that makes really safe can-openers. Pretty simple value proposition right? But let’s think about what does a can opener mean? It means saved time, perhaps saved money (rather than making something fresh), less possibility of injury, convenience and a whole raft of other things. Now can you think of other equipment that you can extend this value proposition to? Are there are other ways you can partner with different businesses, like insurance for restaurateurs… Ok, may be the example is a stretch, but that’s what abstraction is all about.

(Source: ManyWorlds BusinessBlog by Naomi Moneypenny here.) Thanks to InnovationTools by chuck Frey for the lead!


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