1. In order to come up with a few good ideas (or even one great one) then you have to generate lots of ideas.
2. For sustainability (or any other idea) to happen it needs to be desirable, not simply necessary.
3. For ideas to be valuable you have to move from ‘stop’ mode (don’t do this) to ‘go’ mode (coming up with ideas to solve the problem).
4. Don’t point out what is wrong, encourage and enable others to implement what is right.
5. Getting ideas into fruition is often not about altering policies or management processes but mindsets.
6. Cerebral creativity is not enough. It needs to be made into operational creativity. Engineers are at the core of this.
7. New ideas should be sustainable, not just clever.
8. Product innovation in its own right is not necessarily valuable. Desirability is the key to success.
9. Putting sustainability at the core of organisations means switching from a ‘deal with it afterwards’ mentality to ‘building it in’.