Kaizen investigative teams can be the key to future prosperity, says Anand Sharma

“Two years ago I reported on an annual conference of senior executives that my company hosts, and how all the talk that year was of outsourcing in Mexico, India and especially China. Outsourcing has become a topic of intense debate among manufacturers, lawmakers and pundits. Now it looks like the outsourcing trend may have peaked. At our conference this year, it was old news. These 60 or so top executives from very large to midsized manufacturing firms were most interested in a topic we call value innovation.”

Innovation, of course, is simply the introduction of something new. When we talk of value innovation, however, we mean new product ideas that are driven by the true desires of the customer-even if those desires are unknown to the customer. Finding out how to get at those true desires and getting to market quickly appears to be the next big thing on the minds of manufacturers.

For the complete story: theManufacturer.com, here.


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