We all talk about water conservation and how we should save every drop of water.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had taps/faucets, which could recognize when to turn on and off.

Turn on when they sense that there was an object – a hand –
in the water flow and turn off when the object left the water flow.
When we brush our teeth, shave, wash our hands, everytime our hands reach out to pick
up the toothpaste, keep the toothbrush back, pick up the soap, keep the soap back,
put the razor to our cheek, etc., water is still flowing in the tap.
We know we should turn the tap off when not in use, but who has the
patience to turn it off and turn it on every 5 seconds?

We could probably marry the design of the “Water Saving Tap” with that of the
hand-driers we find in almost every bathroom.

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