The key to U.S. economic success is innovation. The reason the US has stayed ahead of the rest of the world, despite globalization and growing competition, is it tends to have the best ideas – and the United States continues to be a magnet for people from around the world with the best ideas. And the US will only be able to retain jobs and create new ones if it continues to lead the world in innovation.

The secret behind U.S. innovation is the investment the private sector and the government make every year in research and development.

The article goes on to talk about the House Science Committee, which oversees the government’s investment in research at universities, national labs, and the private sector.

Source: EnidNews, here.


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  1. As a systems thinker – and evolutionist – I have to oppose: there is no “key” for success. There are “only” evolving, interacting systems. You could just as well say that the stated result “.. continues to be a magnet for people …” is the key for success. The source of U.S. growth might well be attracting people from around the world. People who have physically moved outside their “comfort zone” into a region with a lot of natural resources will become innovative.

  2. I “completely” agree about the fact that there isn’t a “key” to success. I was just posting a published artcile – just bringing the point of view to light. Sucess (or for that matter anything else) never has a single “key”. It is always a collection of various capabilities, circumstances and skills. Great to have your comment!

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