The premier firms of the world encourage innovation by rewarding those who come up with good ideas in various ways.

“We have a two full-day creativity session patterned after Eureka.
The Director of Imagineering has developed an in-house Imagineering Institute which deals with programme development, team building, and problem-solving.” – Federal Quality Consulting Group

“We do the following to increase creative potential: “The Team Learning Center featured an intensified Team Innovation programme – a four-day seminar that defined the environment, skills, and leadership traits necessary to encourage innovation. A Team Creativity Center is being developed to further encourage innovation.” – Ford (MP&L) Team Learning Center

“We at Washoe provide ongoing education about our innovation goals and objectives. The staff are given time to participate in innovation projects through PQI (Perpetual Quality Improvement) teams. We reward and recognise all PQI team participation as well as other innovative efforts, projects and ideas.” – Washoe Health System

We encourage innovation in the following ways:

  • Through support and empowerment of cross-functional teams
  • Facilitators are trained in innovation techniques and tools are made available to provide guidance
  • State the value of innovation
  • Hold innovative problem-solving sessions
  • Creativity and innovation training
  • We empower employees to solve problems at the lowest level.
  • We talk about it
  • We recognise innovation through the use of awards
  • Publication – Quality Notes.
  • Celebrate success
  • Suggestion programmes – Smithsonian Institution

    Other organizations mentioned are:

  • RJ Reynolds
  • Marshall Industries
  • Clorox Company
  • Lucent Technologies
  • YMCA Metropolitan Chicago

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