For sometime now I have been thinking of changing the focus of my “Innovation” Blog – it will primarily be an innovation blog dealing with creativity and the like – I will also be including “design” as one of things I talk about – basically show some of my work and try and solicit freelance work as I have been doing graphic design etc since a long time – I had also setup a website with a design focus at and use that primarily to showcase projects that I have done so far.

The blogging world is also quite active with design discussions and I love visiting websites like and and and I am also working on various software like Adobe Photoshop, Maya, CorelDraw etc. Since as long as I can remember – I have been drawing. Introduction to the computer – which for me was in the year 1998-99 – started experimentations with various design/drawing softwares. I am also currently looking to buy my very own Graphics Tablet/Digitizer since the touchpad on my laptop isn’t the best drawing substitute to a pencil or a brush. Adobe Illustrator is my choice of software to be used with the graphics tablet and the experimentation horizons never seemed larger!

So this blog changes its focus from this post onwards.
I will still be doing the innovation “news” posts like I have been doing regularly – I will probably toy with the design of the blog more often – tweaking mostly. I will also be adding a list of “design” sites I visit regularly apart from the innovation blogs and I will be posting whatever work I do too!


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