Trust and Innovation: What’s the linkage?

New Survey:

Most of us involved in innovation believe that “trust” is necessary for ongoing, significant innovation efforts. While it is easy to assume that trust is needed, it is not so easy to understand exactly what that means. In pursuing innovation in your organizations, you have probably experienced many situations where trust–between colleagues or between individuals and their management or at the organzational level–was a factor in behavior or results.

Unlike the hard data that can be captured about the impact of a new product development process, the impact of trust (or lack thereof) tends to be intuitive, perceived and captured anecdotally. In an endeavor to gain a sense of the social agreement or collective perception about the importance of trust, we have created a survey which we would like for you to respond to at the link shown above.

We believe your views as practitioners of innovation will be particularly enlightening in understanding this important but somewhat fuzzy subject. Because this survey focuses on organizational innovation, please only respond if you are in an organization with at least 10 employees.

We appreciate your participation in the survey, which will also tell you how you can receive the report when it is completed.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Joyce Wycoff, Ruth Ann Hattori, Charlie Prather, Kathie Thomas, InnovationNetwork and the Global Innovation Study Group (G.I.S.T.)

Don’t forget to take the survey at


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