Conference Bike – I would love to ride that! What a *kewl* idea! History of the creator and the Bike.

Magic or Myth? Innovation in Business. Article by the Institute for Emerging Issues. It starts with how important innovation is, goes on to give a short description and how innovation is important to firms. It then goes to give examples of the following firms:
Glen Raven “Celebrating 125 years of continuing innovation”;
Apple “Live wirelessly for less”;
–H.L. Patrick (i was unable to find a website – any clues?);
Toyota “Moving forward is knowing you’re on your way”;
Brayton International – it’s a Steelcase company “Do what you do better”;
Asheboro Elastics “The leader in elastics technology” (sad website! – but apparently change is on the way…);

Found a new mailing list for *innovation*. It is by EPA and I’m not sure what it’s about. Have signed up and if it’s interesting will let you know too. If you are interested in finding out for yourself, visit the mailing list webpage – EPA Innovation Mailing List.
Ahh! Just got the confirmation for the mailing list – this is what its says “This listserver is provided by EPA’s Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation (OPEI) to share information about innovations in environmental programs. It highlights innovations described in recent EPA press releases and provides a web link if available for obtaining more information. It also describes new reports, events, and other developments relevant to environmental innovation. This is part of EPA’s continuing effort to improve public access to critical information.


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