unleash your creativity and think your way out of the box – The brain is a strange organ. It works in ways we don’t yet understand and manages to create everything we see. Working at odds with the rest of the body it performs best when we’re not consciously trying and it is exactly this right-hemisphere activity that contributes to some of our most creative moments. Creativity is the lifeblood of every facet of life. From the arts to business, without it, things would become stale very quickly. Yet, as society is becoming more complex and process-driven the struggle for educational institutions is just how to stimulate creativity.

introducing new ideas in an organization – checklist (pdf file)

patterns for introducing ideas in an organization – research by ML Manns and L Rising

add your press releases for free on PressBox

the innovation report – Canada(pdf)

Delphi would like to “figure out how to double the size” of the company’s research and development effort, but “without increasing the overall engineering budget”. Delphi sees a flow of innovations as critical for building a premium position in the marketplace

innovation is the ultimate driver of productivity – allAfrica.com

new *strategy* website
agricultural innovation news


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