is it possible to retire creativity?

how to make creativity contagious? from management today

The Second Globelics Conference
some of the papers (PDF), relevant to Innovation are as follows:
problem sequences and innovation systems;
a methodology of sustainable innovation;
innovation and productivity in developing countries;
technology clubs int he world economy;
marketing, innovation and performance in the South African wine industry;
dynamics of innovation systems: lessons from India;
knowledge spillovers, absorptive capacity and economical performance of SME’s;
impact of modularity on technological innovation;
Beijing regional innovation system;
interaction between university, institute and industry;
types of product cannibalization tactics under the circumstances of sustainable innovation;
why do similar firms respond differently to changes;
policy design and intervention in the innovation diffusion process;
the dominant force in sustainable innovation systems;
biotech innovation systems in China;
the framework for innovation of complex product systems;
regional innovation systems in China;
technological innovation capacity assessment;
systems of innovation and varieties of capitalism;
sources of industrial innovation in the Korean innovation system;
organizational learning and the gender;
comparing systems of innovation through a constructive approach;
research on evaluation methods of high-tech innovation projects for the enterprise;
international R&D in companies from developing countries;
understanding HongKong’s system of innovation;
effectiveness of the enterprise’s knowledge base;
inequality, innovations and development strategies;
enterprise cluster innovation system and regional economy;
dimensions of enterprise innovation;
innovation diffusion in emerging markets;
financial institution innovations in China;
sustainable innovation as a new development opportunity;
towards a taxonomy of innovation systems;
paradox and innovation of organizational career development;

This was a selection from a total of 170 papers and there are more coming! Will keep you updated when new ones are added, if you would like to do it yourself, check on the last page of the papers listing for the Second Globelics Conference.


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