For sometime now I have been contemplating what to do – for the cause of Innovation. I have a community space on ORKUT for Innovation and there too the forum members have been contemplating “What about Innovation do we want to know?” The Google search for innovation gives a result of 13,500,000 page hits. But what is it about innovation that we would specifically like to know? It’s impossible to sift through all those pages to get what we are looking for. Even if we classify our search with other words to narrow down the page hits, we might miss some really useful stuff and might get other stuff, which is not at all useful to us.

I personally want to learn more about implementing innovation within organizations. How have innovation consultants and others helped organizations become more innovative? How have organizations coped with the more innovative culture? What systems/processes have been used?

Apart from the search on Google, I have recently been thinking of doing a search on my Desktop! (using google’s desktop search ofcourse!) I have a large number of articles, news stories, white papers, etc. stored on my hard disk and would prefer to first explore and discuss those rather than search around on Google.

If I do hear from you about what it is about innovation that you wan to know about, then we can have a themed discussion here where I could post relevant excerpts from relevant articles. So what do you want to know about innovation?


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