In the last post where I posted the two ant pictures… I said that I crumpled two of my sketches beacuse they “didn’t look the way I wanted them to”. The moment I wrote that I knew the subject of my next post (i.e. this one).

Isn’t one of the reasons innovation does not flourish that we throw away what we don’t like? Since the stuff we don’t like is usually:
1. stuff we don’t understand – what is that?! – how could you come up with something like that? – it doesn’t make sense at all!
2. stuff we have never seen/heard of earlier – Whoa! Who does that?!
3. stuff that takes us out of our comfort zone
4. stuff that doesn’t make sense – because we don’t understand
5. stuff that had failed earlier – well maybe the circumstances were different earlier – and since it did not work earlier the organization/individual would be aware of the mistakes made in the first attempt – all the more reason to avoid those mistakes and give it another shot
6. stuff that doesn’t fit in with company policy/personaly policy – again because it’s out of the comfort zone

Ok, I’m beginning to repeat…
But you get the idea…so in order to allow innovation to flourish, we need to do the opposite of the factors that inhibit innovation…

Well I just uncrumpled the two sketches I threw and who knows – if I edit them well in Photoshop, I just might have a masterpeice! Radical innovation… What say?


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