Having my *case* published on the LinkedIn website was eye-opening in more than one ways. They really are thorough with their *success stories* – I got a call from one of their representatives all the way from San Francisco, USA and I am currently sitting in sunny village Abohar, Punjab, India. I had submitted my small story on their *Share Your Success* link and they promptly reverted – the written document went through 3 iterations before it was accepted. They did not change anything! (except some grammar!) This gives me enough reason to believe that all other success stories are *real* – which is quite a revelation because advertising/marketing is more and more *fake* and farther from reality and this was a real eye-opener.

I am happy with whatever I have learnt and whoever I have met on LinkedIn and hope to have many more fruitful interactions in the future! If you are on LinkedIn and would like to connect, do drop me an e-mail.

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