R&D teams need to spend time with customers if they really want to build new technology that sells.
SOURCE: InformationWeek

The article says that great technological innovation will only be successful if research and development teams understand the problems of a company’s customers and have the right channels in place to get a new product to market quickly.

Comments from Paul Horn, IBM senior VP of IBM Research at the Emerging Technologies Conference:
“Innovation is not the same as invention–there’s distinction.”
“Innovation is not just great ideas but channels into the market.”
“Success in R&D requires rapid flow of innovation into the marketplace. Time to market is critical.”
“Exploratory work can survive, thrive in a world where there’s a balance between short term and long term.”

POINT: “get your researchers out in the real world and talk to customers [about innovations] that can change the world, not just their own little labs.”

Paul Horn also says that standards are vital to innovation as well.
“Open standards, open source are critical for speedy innovation at a company, in an ecosystem, in the country.”

The article ends by saying, “There’s nothing worse than being slow.”


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