Just yesterday I had to show a “large” drawing to someone on the web. If I posted the drawing on this blog, the complete design would have gone “wonky”. If I had posted it on the other design blog (asidedesigns.blogspot.com) that too would have lost it’s design stability. So I had to create another – absolutely new blog at designday.blogspot.com – just for that new drawing.

I wanted to purchase the domain name www.aside.com but alas the price tag is $3888, which translates to almost 2,00,000 Indian Rupees. So that is out of the question. (Unless ofcourse someone reads this and makes a donation – which again is a hope in hell..). But I am designing a fresh website,which will act as a “one-stop” place for all my work/assignments/projects till date. Now I need webspace for that… Anyone care to help? Monetary/actual webspace…

I’m really tired of having to update three places whenever there is “one” thing I need to show/tell. This blog itself has lost focus! When I happily proclaimed that I would now be putting up my design work on this blog, I did it simply because this blog gets more visitors than the design blog! But it just doesn’t help my cause!

Help needed! And when it is up – th eblog will go back to being an “Innovation” blog!


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