Long time no post!

Was recently having a discussion on whether it’s confidence that comes first or communication. I refuse to use the term “good commuincation” since one either communicates, or simply doesn’t. Being a “bad” communicator only means that you cannot communicate at all!

So, does one have to be confident to communicate or does being a communicator gurantee confidence? I believe the former. If you are confident, you will be a communicator. I know of people who are the so claled “good” communicators – are very lucid in their explanations, very articulate, knowledgeable – but just don’t have the guts to say what their opinion is and what they feel. What good is communication without confidence?

And I also know of people who are the so called “bad” communicators who – because of their self-confidence – are doing great in life! They might be verbose, not very lucid and not very great to talk to – but like they say “with confidence, even a lie seems like the truth”. These people take that adage seriously – they implement it.

I am not proposing that we should start lying – but hell! It sure works!

The reason I thought this topic would be relevant to the issue of innovation is that innovation requires a certain level of pig-headedness. If you are not thick-skinned, there exist many people who will put you down and tell you that your idea sucks. Even if you are not a good communicator, it doesn’t really matter – if you have a great idea, it will eventually come forth on its own mertis – communication or no communication.

But you will need self-confidence and even a certain level of arrogance to let your ideas bear fruit. With confidence you can persevere and do whatever the hell you want to – to take your idea forward to translate it into a reality. Communication in this case would be secondary – I say secondary because it would be important at some level. Again that would depend on the environment you are in – if you are in an organization where “listening” is a word non-existent in dictionaries – whether you communicate or not – your idea is doomed from the start.