One of the reasons that I have started this blog is that I believe I am capable of writing a book about my experiences with professional / business networking. Especially the online variety. It can be argued that since I have been involved with online business networking for only about a year – I joined my first network in April 2004 (LinkedIn) – I do not have the necessary “experience” to write a book. According to that argument, I wouldn’t even have the necessary experience to write an article! But that argument is flawed. We have teenage rocket scientists and I have no reason to believe that online business networking is tougher to learn than rocket science.

I do not intend for this blog or the book eventually, to be “textbookish”. I do not want to write articles that only “talk”. I have visualized a blog / book where I can recreate real-networking scenarios that have occured thus far in my networking career and discuss why some worked and some did not. With this approach, eventually, I would like to share with others interested in business networking, the networking “principles”, “rules”, “protocols”, etc., that work and the common and not so common mistakes to avoid.