If you are a member on Blogger – that is if you have a Blog on the blogspot account, if you are logged onto blogger, the window below will pop-up for you to leave comments. You will have three options under the “Choose your identity” – 1. your username on blogger (this will be visible only if you are currently logged onto blogger). 2. Other – if you are not on blogger and do not want to leave an “anonymous” comment. 3. Anonymous – if you want to leave an anonymous comment – of course you can also give links to your profile and your e-mail id within the comments itself, since it allows you to use HTML tags like for BOLD, for ITALICS and for a webpage or “mailto” link.

If you are currently not logged on into Blogger, and if you do not have a blogger account, you can still leave comments. You will get the pop-up window on the right (at bottom). Same options are available here – since you are not on Blogger, you can choose “other” or “anonymous” and click on “Login and Publish” – if you have checked the “blogger” radio button, it will ask you to login to your Blogger account – otherwise you can just leave a comment.