My “Letter to the Editor” for the Financial Express Article: “Network online, get hired“.

“Netting jobs Apropos the article ‘Network online, get hired’ in eFE (June 20). Social networking and business networking are two very different areas, as far as getting hired is concerned. If you need a date, a social networking site would probably help. But for getting business or a job, you need to be on a business network portal. Also, the facts in the article don’t seem uptodate.

On June 20th, LinkedIn had more than 2.8 million users and on June 24th they crossed the 3 million mark. As for openBC, it is picking up fast – about two weeks ago, they crossed the 500,000 mark. For a relatively new portal, they’re gaining fast. Ryze is definitely not a “business networking” site. It’s a social networking site.

I disagree with Kris Lakshmi-kanth, founder CEO & managing director, The Head Hunters India, who says he does not see any trend towards such sites for job-seekers. It might not be seemingly evident, but with the rise of truly professional business networking portals, I can’t see job-seekers going anywhere else.Not only does business networking provide a vast pool of options to head hunters, it also allows job-seekers to make choices they probably wouldn’t even know existed. It would be a good idea to find out the best places for business networking. But business networking is the facilitator for the “flat world.”


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