With reference to “Outsourcing Creativity” published in the Times Of India, I agree with Harsh Purohit. As long as quality is maintained, the overseas clients don’t really care where their creative work is done. I am a freelance designer / photographer and run my own design firm called ASIDE and 90% of my clients are not in India.

The advantage of low-cost aside, the creative quality of the work definitely attracts them to India. Since all the communication takes place online, the Indian infrastructure in terms of reads etc. would have no reason to bother them. All that matters is the communication infrastructure – now when broadband is increasingly available to anyone who needs it, the communication infrastructure is at its best and will only get better, which will allow more overseas clients to tap the Indian creative market.

Still, Indian businesses have a long way to go in that sphere too – most people still prefer to do face-to-face meetings and onsite work rather then confirming or signing a deal on the internet via e-mails and faxes determining their decision on past work or clients. One reason why I have more than 90% overseas clients is because the Indian clients just don’t trust my medium of communication. Besides, international clients pay better for the same services and still save on cost.

Works fine for me!


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