The Practice of Innovation by Peter Senge

One possibility for difficulties innovating is that most people really don’t care about innovation. After all, Theory X is still the prevailing philosophy in most large institutions — certainly in the American corporate world. Few people in positions of authority would admit to that view, but our practices belie our espoused values. If we look honestly at how organizations manage people, most appear to operate with the belief that people cannot work without careful supervision. As Arie de Geus has shown in his recent book The Living Company, we treat the business enterprise as a machine for making money rather than as a living community. Consequently, we view people as “human resources” waiting to be employed (or disemployed) to the organizations’ needs. (The word resource literally means “standing in reserve, waiting to be used.”)

1. Know your purpose
2. Define vision
3. Assess results
4. Habit to Discipline


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