Akshay, although you mentioned Ryze in your article, you completely skipped online business networking portals like openBC and LinkedIn. No discussion on business networking is complete without mentioning the above portals. They are two of the best in industry and Ryze is not even a business networking portal – it is a social networking portal.

I personally have done business and made money because of business networking via openBC and even landed a job because of my networking on LinkedIn. Online Business Networking is not only the latest “fad” it is actually creating a “flat world” that Friedman talks about in his book. I have written extensively about business networking on my blog http://biznetworking.blogspot.com and am the most networked person in India on openBC. Although traditional face-to-face meetings and networking can never be discounted, we are moving toward [I am already there] an era where face-to-face would only be to finally see who the heck we were doing business with all this while.

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