What is innovation?
Why do we innovate?
When do we innovate?
Where do we innovate?
How do we innovate?
What do we innovate?
Who innovates?
What skills are needed for innovation?
What knowledge is needed for innovation?
What resources are needed for innovation?
What infrastructures, contexts, cultures are needed for innovation?
What technologies enable innovation?
How is innovation done collaboratively?
How is innovation restricted or limited?
How is innovation continually maintained?
How is innovation lead? How is it managed?
How do we justify innovation?
What are the costs of innovation? What are the costs of no innovation?
What are the economics of innovation?
How is innovation localized? How is it outsourced?
How are sources of innovation shared or protected?
What results from innovation?
What are examples of innovations? Who are examples of innovators?
How do we measure the success of an innovation?
What are the roles of designers in innovation?
How does design thinking differ from business thinking?
How does the design process differ from the innovation process?
What are the processes, techniques and methods of design that can be used for innovation?
What is needed for design to be involved in business innovation?

From this post on CPH127 Blog.


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