• Job-seeking? Head-hunting? Online Networking? by Joy Davia on the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. The article is obviously LinkedIn-centric [doesn’t even mention that there are other portals out there!] but is written well and is insightful – as compared to some other web article we’ve seen!

But there’s another tool, used by headhunters and job-seekers alike, that’s gaining in popularity: online networking sites, such as LinkedIn.com” And then there are others…

Still, I wonder whether such a service would be useful for non-techy people.
Top industries in my network of more than 6,000 people – based on just two connections – were mostly IT, computer and telecommunications people. (But that could just be me.)

There’s a lot of variety there! I am a designer / innovation consultant / photographer / business networking consultant and have been using the system for a year now – I have made contact with and read profiles of hundreds of people – from almost all industries and sectors.

  • LinkedInNotes Blog by Richard Upton. Notes about LinkedIn, the online business networking tool. Contains posts like:

    LinkedIn Only a Tool for within the Larger Networking Process” and
    LinkedIn Tips: Step-by-Step“.

  • Network with you? I don’t even know you! from The Career Journal. The articles starts with:

    A little over a month ago, an online service that manages Ben Harel’s business contacts sent out one of those automatic emails asking his contacts to update their personal information in his digital address book. Such procedures are supposed to freshen up the Rolodex and may even encourage a little reunion among old business acquaintances. But in this case at least one recipient — me — didn’t have the foggiest notion where he could have met Mr. Harel.

    So I left a message for Mr. Harel to call me back. No need to explain who I was because he apparently knew this. “You know who I am, right?” I asked him when he returned my call.

    “The truth of the matter?” he asked sheepishly. “No.”

  • The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker from Inc.com.

    Keith Ferrazzi needs two PalmPilots to keep track of all his contacts, people like Bill Clinton and Michael Milken. But there’s far more to cracking the inner circle of the power elite than just taking names.

    Keith Ferrazzi enters your life like a circus coming to town — the two ringing cell phones, the two PalmPilots, the multiple conversations in which he seems to be listening and talking simultaneously. The way he walks and looks, all tanned and fit, with the styled hair and custom suit and black Prada shoes. The deals that are hanging in the air, the favors being extended or secured, the sideshows, the laughter, the juggling. That irresistible balloon of energy.

  • Never Eat Alone Blog. Keith Ferrazzi’s blog – with some good informational articles. This is what Keith has to say in one of his posts about LinkedIn:

    In most of my speaking and writing about building relationships for success, I focus on helping people acquire a relationship mindset through understanding and practicing four fundamental principles.
    1. You can’t get there alone.
    2. Business relationships are personal relationships, which are built upon developing real
    3. Intimacy through sharing passions and struggles and
    4. Giving without keeping score.
    ” The complete POST.

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