Interesting and exciting changes forthcoming on LinkedIn!
As a user, I greatly appreciate the portal for bringing about improvements that will help me be a more effective and efficient networker.

From Dave Taylor’s Blog:

“Marketing VP and LinkedIn Co-Founder Konstantin Guericke just gave me the go-ahead to share this exciting information about a major new functionality that’ll be added to LinkedIn a few weeks from now! Here’s what he shared about InMail and how it’ll work. As for me, I can’t wait to be able to really tap the power of the entire LinkedIn member database, not just the subset my contacts are in touch with…

As you know from my prior posts and requests for input, we’ve been working on the design for key improvements to LinkedIn in the areas of search and making contact as well as providing for a sustainable revenue model and allowing everyone to understand what premium services are being charged for.

Next month, we’ll be launching the ability to search beyond your personal network and to contact people through InMail. In addition to results from your personal network, you will be able to see the best results from the entire LinkedIn Network. For example…

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