I had no idea there was a way of viewing comparison graphs too! So here they are:

This one is a comparison of the Site Ranks.
The red line is LinkedIn and the blue line is openBC. Note that since this is a ranking graph, the units on the Y-axis start from about 80,000 and go upto 2000 – since a lower number would mean a better rank.

This one is a comparison of Daily Reach – measured by the number of people per million who use / visit the website daily. Honestly, this was quite surprising – even though LinkedIn has 3 million members and openBC 500,000, the only explanation why openBC’s reach graph is higher is the usage. openBC users seem to be utilizing the system well!

This one is a comparison of the Page Views.
The above point about the Daily Reach is proved right when we look at this graph – there are almost similar Page View graphs for both openBC and LinkedIn even though LinkedIn has 6 times more members that openBC.

Usability of the openBC interface seems to be higher – no surprise considering the number of flexible features that they have provided. I do like the colors on LinkedIn better [ being the designer that I am ] ! I admit both platforms might have different value offerings but we’re talking business networking here and the common thread would be to facilitate connections.

The above data can be looked at in detail here.

Please note, the reason I have not bothered to include any other comparisons is because the only two serious online “business networking” portals are openBC and LinkedIn – if you feel otherwise – feel free to comment and post further on you blog! I’ll be happy to link!


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