Using ‘Outside-the-Box’ Thinking to Drive ‘Inside-the-Box’ Strategies
(Marakon Associates)

Rather than spurring on creative thinking in strategy development, the command to “think outside the box” is often taken as a rallying cry for radical change. For most large companies, however, radical change – be it portfolio transformation or diversification – has not been all that effective in producing superior shareholder returns. More often than not, the biggest opportunities for sustained value creation stem from applying creative thinking to a company’s existing business portfolio. The article asserts that this does not mean that executives should mute the call for outside-the-box thinking.


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  1. Interesting – I agree that out-off-box thinking is not only to the best….

    Few days ago I saw an article in the latest issue of Design Management Institute about box-thinking. They defined a new box-principle – Big Box Thinking – its about making the box bigger…….Ill write a post on exactly that in the week to come….;-)

    All the best
    Hans Henrik

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