Chuck Frey at Innovation Weblog has got some fantastic coverage of the Innovation Convergence 2005 Conference. Snippets:

  • Innovation must be customer-centric
  • Look beyond product and service innovation [ like business-model innovation ]
  • More connections = more innovation [ networking might be a good idea of better and innovative ideas; has anyone of you tried idea-a-day?
  • Innovation is a process that can be learned
  • Emerging markets = innovation labs: When you’re selling products to emerging markets (such as 3rd world countries), your products must be low-priced, of course. But the process of getting to that low price point forces organizations to rethink the core value of their products, an exercise that can be quite revealing for its primary markets, too.
  • Creative recombination trumps the “new”

Full post

Another post talks about Innovation aspirations, insight pilgrimages and more, which talks about strategies for building support for your innovation initiatives.


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