UPDATE : October 2010
New Diwali wallpaper for 2010 here.

UPDATE : September 2009
New Diwali wallpaper for 2009 here.

UPDATE : September 2008
A new wallpaper has been designed and made available for download here.
Diwali 2009 Wallpaper

UPDATE : September 2006
A new wallpaper has been designed and made available for download here.

Here’s wishing everyone around the world a very Happy Diwali!

Diwali is the festival of lights and the celebration of good winning over evil. Celebrated with much fervor in India, the Goddess of Wealth, Laxmi is welcomed into our homes by performing various Pujas and rituals. Not only is Diwali a celebration within families – a personal celebration, it is also a business celebration because of the aspect of the Goddess of Wealth being welcomed!

Lots of sweets and fireworks around the country.
One of the side effects being high sound levels during the evening and night and a thick layer of smog next morning. We’re celebrating by meeting up with friends and family – no fireworks.

Inspite of the three bomb blasts in New Delhi, Diwali is not going to be any different for those unaffected by the blasts. Even though we were expecting a quieter celebration, the noise outside our home right now signifies quite the opposite!

aside wishes all its clients, friends and partners a very Happy Diwali with happiness, prosperity, wealth and love. We’ve designed a Desktop Wallpaper for the occassion – click on the image below to be taken to the larger image with dimensions 1600×1200 pixels. For smaller screen resolutions, when setting the desktop for your screen, use the “stretch” option instead of the “tile” and “center” options – this will force-fit the desktop to your screen.