I am tweaking the design of this blog – so if you are a visitor you might see some displaced layouts in the coming week. The things that I am planning on changing:

  • The header bar – I want to make it narrower so it doesn’t eat so much into the content.
  • A navigation bar somewhere on top – for access to the aside website and to make it easier for visitors to take a look at specific sections like the graphic design work, corporate identity work, logo design work, photography sections on the website.
  • Wider body – I am thinking of widening the body column to reduce vertical scrolling.

If there are some other suggestions that any of the readers might have, please feel free to suggest and leave some comments!

UPDATE: 22nd October 2005

Ahh! Finally managed some updates – it still doesn’t look “exactly” like I would have wanted it to – but it’s a learning process! The blog looked like this earlier:

And this is what it looks like now – you’re on the new blog so no screenshot.

There are new buttons and a brand new header – which is much thinner than the previous one. I have also added a new plugin to display 5 recent posts – I still need to figure out why the bullets don’t show in IE – they show fine in Firefox – I also need to put those bullets and manage the line-height in the two new lists of Recent Posts and aside Links.

The main category headings have also been changed from text to images using a cursive font, which matches the faded text on the header.

will take you to the aside website.
will send me an e-mail with the subject ‘Just Visited the aside Blog!’
will let you subscribe to the feed of this blog – it gives you a choice of more than 31 Feed Aggregators – pick your favorite!

I have also reduced the font size by one point. I want to change the color of the sidebar but have no clue how to! And I want to add some javascript to handle the long lists on the sidebar – I have the script for that but might have trouble integrating it with the blog structure – lets see – that’s a component of another update next month!


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