Recently, Greg Acuna and Vincent Wright started the LinkedIn India YahooGroup and I am doing the design for the group’s logo.

So far, I have kept the concept fairly simple – since the logo must represent two things clearly:
— it represent’s Indian business – so it has to speak of India
— it represent’s LinkedIn members so it must also represent LinkedIn.

Deceptively simple designs usually come up when one fulfills the basic objectives of the logo. Also helps in the process of evolving the design further. The simpler, the better. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with the following variations [ take the mouse-pointer over each image to read more ]:

UPDATE I: October 13, 2005

Received feedback from Greg and number one above has generated interest. Suggestion is to combine the “in” and “dia” further because in the above it isn’t easy to make out that it’s supposed to be a complete word “India”. Something like this I suppose:

The following is how the above two variations will look at the LinkedIn specified small sizes – when the Group becomes an official LinkedIn Group.


UPDATE II: 15 October 2005

Greg asked for a couple of further simple tweaks [ check the comments on this post ] and the tweaked logos are as follows with the smaller versions attached:






UPDATE III: 16th October 2005

The LinkedIn India Group logo has been finalized! The final images are below and don’t forget to read the comments that Greg has made to this post. It’s been a wonderful design experience! Oh! And do visit the LinkedIn India Yahoo Group and if you’re someone interested in doing business in India and are also a member of LinkedIn, please join the group!



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  1. Naina, now I can say it on the Blog…you’re amazing. What a joy to work with you. The two new variations are beautiful. It is much better to have the “dia” in front instead of behind the “in” as I thought. Also you read my mind by posting the small versions which are quite helpful to evaluate them.

    I’m having a hard time deciding…could I ask for just one more small tweak? My idea is to add to both new versions a black stroke around each letter in “india” (like the white stroke around the letters in “Linked” in Version #1). For the change in Version #1 I think it will look better without the drop shadow on “dia” and for Version #2 you might need the same white stroke on “Linked” like in Version #1 – which won’t be so visible, but where it can be seen will make it look more consistant. The idea with the black stroke is to give “india” a little more “glue” and pull it off the background a bit.

    As I wrote in my e-mail to you this morning, and I want to repeat here publicly, I’m looking forward to the anyone asking me if I know a talented graphics designer in India. Your name will be on the tip of my tongue.

    Thanks again!

    Greg Acuna

  2. Greg,

    Thank you for the detailed feedback! I appreciate it.

    And I am not a Graphic Designer “only” in India – suggest my name regardless of geography! 😀 I have had the pleasure of working with wonderful clients from Germany, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Canada and of course India – it would be wonderful to expand that list further!

    It’s great to bo collaborating with you – this is the first time I have had to incorporate the Indian flag in anything so it’s a huge moment for me! Thank you for the opportunity!


  3. Naina…and the winner is (and the decision wasn’t easy)…Update II – #1 – the one at the top. It really is wonderful. The glow on Linked and the green to orange fading into each other on the background are dynamic and eye catching. The “in” unstoked on the blue blackground gives us “Linkedin,” but the whole “india” in white creates a highly readable “India.” I really love it.

    Of course I’ll mention to anyone I know around the world that you work perfectly over the internet and take feedback well while still coming up with new ideas of your own. I have to reiterate that you either read my mind or improved the overall design beyond what I was envisioning on at least three things while tweaking the image…and that over only a few days.

    Can you e-mail me the final versions that I might need to do publicity for the group? I want to upload the logo to the web and post an annoucement (with a link to your blog and profile) as soon as possible.

    It was a delight starting to work with you and I hope we can do so again soon.


  4. Thank you for your feedback Dave!

    I appreciate that you paid a visit and liked the work enough to leave a comment! I enjoyed myself thoroughly in this particular design engagement – but the same amount of credit goes to Greg Acuna – a good client allows the designer the freedom to be excellent!

  5. Naina,
    While I’m a bit late noticing your blog post regarding the Linkedin India logo design, nevertheless, I want your readers to know how very, very, very much I appreciate and respect your artistic talents.

    I want to thank you for your work on the Linkedin India logo as well as the wonderful logo for the PROSE System that I currently use on “My Success Books” discussion group.

    Your fine artistic eye is why I was happy to announce you as the first person to win the MLPF Networker of the Month Award for networking via great graphic designs:

    Thanks, Naina!

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