Recently, Greg Acuna and Vincent Wright started the LinkedIn India YahooGroup and I am doing the design for the group’s logo.

So far, I have kept the concept fairly simple – since the logo must represent two things clearly:
— it represent’s Indian business – so it has to speak of India
— it represent’s LinkedIn members so it must also represent LinkedIn.

Deceptively simple designs usually come up when one fulfills the basic objectives of the logo. Also helps in the process of evolving the design further. The simpler, the better. Keeping this in mind, I have come up with the following variations [ take the mouse-pointer over each image to read more ]:

UPDATE I: October 13, 2005

Received feedback from Greg and number one above has generated interest. Suggestion is to combine the “in” and “dia” further because in the above it isn’t easy to make out that it’s supposed to be a complete word “India”. Something like this I suppose:

The following is how the above two variations will look at the LinkedIn specified small sizes – when the Group becomes an official LinkedIn Group.


UPDATE II: 15 October 2005

Greg asked for a couple of further simple tweaks [ check the comments on this post ] and the tweaked logos are as follows with the smaller versions attached:






UPDATE III: 16th October 2005

The LinkedIn India Group logo has been finalized! The final images are below and don’t forget to read the comments that Greg has made to this post. It’s been a wonderful design experience! Oh! And do visit the LinkedIn India Yahoo Group and if you’re someone interested in doing business in India and are also a member of LinkedIn, please join the group!