It’s been a while since the discussion started for a logo for the LinkedIn Power Women YahooGroup. I’ve already done about six logo suggestions for the Group but there’s been no consensus so far! It can really get to be a stretch for the creative process especially when there are multiple decision-makers and innumerable ideas from various people.

Lesson learnt #1: Women are more difficult to please!

Here are versions of the logos I’ve done so far:

I’d created a separate page for the six logos and you’re welcome to view the logo designs there in three size versions.

I’m currently doing some more variations as the poll is currently in process – am doing it more for personal satisfaction than anything else – irritating, but I like a challenge. Here is the latest version of what Brana Lobel’s idea suggested:

And I’ll be updating if I get some more ideas in my very saturated head πŸ˜€ – I’d love it if I get some suggestions from the readers!

UPDATE 1: November 01, 2005

The submissions have been closed so the new logo I designed isn’t going to be considered. But the ones above it are in the fray! I’m going to go vote for my favorite and will post the update as well as the winning logo [ whoever’s that might be ]. The results should be up by November 4th Indian Standard Time.