I love changing my Desktop’s Wallpaper whenever I get a chance. I also recently downloaded a copy of Konfabulator and am having fun with the various widgets! I have the mini What To Do widget [ nice glassy buttons ], the FabIcons widget [ which creates shortcuts to a specified Program or Folder using the icon you want – nice fade effects], the Mini-Weather widget [ which lets me view the weather of my own city and as many other places from around the world as I like ]. I also have the Devabulator widget that shows the latest, most popular wallpapers on Deviant Art and lets you download them by visiting that particular page in Deviant Art – more Desktop Wallpapers!

Finally, I have the Water8 widget, which lets me keep track of 8 glasses of water everyday [ which is a huge problem for me otherwise – I’ve tried color charts, Post-Its and phone reminders but this widget works the best!]