I love changing my Desktop’s Wallpaper whenever I get a chance. I also recently downloaded a copy of Konfabulator and am having fun with the various widgets! I have the mini What To Do widget [ nice glassy buttons ], the FabIcons widget [ which creates shortcuts to a specified Program or Folder using the icon you want – nice fade effects], the Mini-Weather widget [ which lets me view the weather of my own city and as many other places from around the world as I like ]. I also have the Devabulator widget that shows the latest, most popular wallpapers on Deviant Art and lets you download them by visiting that particular page in Deviant Art – more Desktop Wallpapers!

Finally, I have the Water8 widget, which lets me keep track of 8 glasses of water everyday [ which is a huge problem for me otherwise – I’ve tried color charts, Post-Its and phone reminders but this widget works the best!]


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  1. Hi Naina,

    Dropped by via your post on Creative Garh. Read through the process of the LinkedIn Socially Logo. Would’ve dropped you a few lines of feedback, but I believe you’ve gone through an in-depth process, which is near completion now. Good job.

    Widgets sound like fun. Am going to check them out for myself.

    Warm regards,

    Meera Mittal

  2. Hi Meera,

    So nice of you to drop by! Thank you!
    I appreciate that you looked at the design process by putting yourself in my shoes – too much feedback isn’t always a good thing – it does help me get a perspective about my audience – they might be prospective clients and it helps immensely to know what styles they like.

    I’m glad you liked the widgets – I’m going totaly insane trying out new ones all the time. I even subscribe to the RSS feed of Konfabulator!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Searching on Google for Diwali images brought me to ur blog/site.
    Really a nice desktop.. I am trying Konfabulator right now.. Hope its not much memory hungry..

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