We’ve recently had so many client engagements that I’ve been literally forced to re-consider our pricing strategy. Till date, we’d been quoting prices based on the feedback received from fellow designers and were not following a definitive pattern. I generally asked the client what their budget was and based on that gave them a quote.

Now onwards, we will be following a standardized pattern [ as much as possible ]. Since design engagements have a ton of variables to consider – the number of hours to be dedicated as well as the price quotes, it is nearly impossible to include everything in the price list. But we now have some broad categories with separated components. For example there is Corporate Identity, which includes a logo, business card, letter head and envelope – we now have prices for the complete package as well as for separate elements of the package.

Hopefully, this will solve the ad hoc price problems and increase our client base even further!

I still have not managed the guts to publish a price list – besides, our philosophy is not to commoditize design – but eventually I hope to at least create and put up a small application that can function as a calculator for potential clients to feed in the variables and see the prices themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about the specific prices, please send me an e-mail – it will also help me further refine the prices if I have missed some design needs.

P.S. The prices have been lowered 😀


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  1. Hi Naina,

    I have no idea about your or your client’s believe in Vaastu and it’s inclusion in corporate identity elements like logo or site design etc. but I have met few clients who were wanting to do so.

    Any comments on this or did you also faced similar situations?


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