In collaboration with Michael Pokocky of Sophistica World ThinkTank. They need a logo for the new LinkedIn Group being launched on LinkedIn.

  • This is a “short-notice”, “quick-delivery” project.
  • The information I already have: the Sophistica Blog with the “to-be-published” ChangeThis Manifesto and Michael Pokocky’s LinkedIn Profile.
  • The sizes of the icons required: 100 x 50 px and 60 x 30 px
  • What “sophisticated” means as per Google: “having or appealing to those having worldly knowledge and refinement and savoir-faire” and “advanced: ahead in development; complex or intricate” and “Books that have had repairs that involve making additions to the original”.
  • Some keywords – after reading the Manifesto: the New Knowledge web, human nature, Last Renaissance, technology and some others that aren’t as explicit.


Well we seem to be running a very tight deadline here!

I have come up with two designs so far and have e-mailed them to the client – awaiting feedback. The logos that I have come up with are:

logo number one


logo number two

You can view more details on this page that I posted for the client to view the details and the descriptions. There wasn’t any time to prepare detailed briefs but I have used that page for some kind of detailed descriptions.


Client likes number one above! The following is his e-mail:

Love both: But You have captured the philosophy in #1.
We can start with #1 and then (we/you) can change it if you find or want to do something else. Like I said it’s up to you and you nailed it for me….and i love philosophy.

Love you Naina….

Wow! Now that’s what I call making the client fall in love with me!

UPDATE III: 10th October 2005

You can now see the logo in use on the Sophisitca Blog.

I was also thinking that the logo could be used in this form too

Oh! And don’t forget to read the client’s endorsement on my LinkedIn profile. This is what he has to say:

“A long over due endorsement is in order here for Naina for it is her essential nature as a human being that I value most; aside (no pun intended) from the profile she presents on this page. Naina is that rare individual who combines her personal philosophy for the love of living, with her actual state of being every minute of the day; and for that I applaud her.” (October 3, 2005)

Michael Pokocky was with another company when working with Naina at aside


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  1. GORGEOUS work, Naina!
    If I had to choose only one, I’d choose the first one above. However, it’s interesting to me the affect that one and two have TOGETHER.

    The third one would probably be my second choice if it had a border comparable to the first one.

    IDEALLY, I think I’d like to see the solids you use in one and three with the background colors from from number two.

    But what do I know? I’m a musician! 🙂

    Vincent Wright

  2. Thank you Vincent!
    I appreciate the feedback – it is helpful to know what others think of the designs I create – being limited to only my own thoughts is detrimental to the design process 😉

    And your being a musician gives a different perspective – and since I don’t really know any musicians myself – thank you for sharing!

    I will of course work on your thoughts because the logo isn’t completely finished yet. Michael Pokocky has left it open to further refinement.

  3. hi naina,

    well i think i should tell everyone, i’m the client; and how i feel right now is providential and wonderful. naina has exceeded herself when given the chance to be in complete control of delivering your message vis-a-vis a graphic that inspires, motivates, stirs, brings a palour to the cheek, empowers, authoritive and inviting at the same time, welcolming, nuturing, and just plain damn exciting.

    it’s great to bring people together; and when your clients begin to allow the designer to design with complete autoomy the results will always be nothing short of spectacular.

    naina keep this site up and do it for other clients too; it’s a way to teach to clients the importance of delegation.

    warmest regards, _michael

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