I was recently searching for “business networking” blogs on Google and came to a virtual copy of this blog.

Has anyone else ever faced this?
I have written to the e-mail id for support on txthub and am awaiting a reply.

Please let me know if any of you have faced this earlier and how you tackled it. I’d appreciate any information.


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  1. Hi Naina,

    I’ve never experienced someone else copying the whole post of my blog. I just followed the link and I even see the links to sites you own.

    Have you heard from the support team?

  2. you could contact google via adsense- all google ads (which the fraudster has) have a unique publisher id. they could probably get their account cancelled for this.

  3. I haven’t heard from the support team Takuya – which is quite unexpected!

    And I did take the suggestion of contacting Google AdSense and have asked for their assistance – I’ll wait and see what happens next.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions and comments!

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