That a logo must be for forever, that the essence and meaning of the logo must not only remain intact but should also be fresh through years and years of business, that when you see the logo today and then again after 20 years, the core meaning of the company and its business must still be evident in the logo.

That’s the ‘rule’ anyway.
Which has been flouted time and again by firms big and small, successful and unsuccessful.

That is one of THE MOST challenging aspects of logo design – to keep it relevant over the years. But something even more challenging would be to re-design the evergreen logo keeping in mind the ‘changes’ in the company, its business, the specific industry and the global business landscape.

  • Is it really possible to keep, follow and market the same core competencies year after year?
  • Would there be absolutely no change in the language that the company uses internally and externally?
  • Will there be no NEW stuff at the company AT ALL?
  • If logos are expected to be static, do we also expect companies to be static?
  • If the company does, however, grow and change, shoudln’t the logo too undergo some transformation?

A positive answer to the first four questions and a negative answer to the fifth sound more far-fetched than the statement that “A logo must last a lifetime”!

A lot of logo designers crib about having to create a logo that lasts for forever – how in the world are designers expected to create ANYTHING like that?!

Who said logo designers had an easy job! But what’s better than designing an evergreen logo AND preparing the company and client for a future logo re-design that fits in with the growth of the company? Agreed, that it’s tougher than ‘just’ designing an evergreen logo, but it sure is doable.

Maybe I will attempt something like this in the future with one of my upcoming logo design engagements. I’ll keep you posted.


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